With no matches going on right now, the only tennis points being won these days are scored on social media, where there are no rules and where flash and style count for everything.

And so far, the trick-shot champion isn't Nick Kyrgios or Gael Monfils, but Japan's Taro Daniel.

He started small on Thursday, by bouncing a ball on the frame of his racquet, windmilling the racquet around the ball before four more bounces and catching the ball between his forearm and the butt end of his handle:


Next, he showed off a shot maybe too out-of-the-box for even Kyrgios—when he went for a smash, but intentionally missed the ball and turned his follow-through into a surreptitious backhand drop volley:

But it turns out a racquet isn't required for Daniel to display impressive skills. Here he is with a kendama, "a Japanese classic toy":


The WTA's Misaki Doi, however, took the kendama challenge to the next level, adding choreography:


If all goes well these couple of months, players will return to the tour not only physically refreshed, but also with superb hand-eye coordination.