On April Fools' Day, the US Open pranked millions of fans by announcing ballperson puppies, a joke that led to significant disappointment—and several players volunteering their own dogs for the gig.

The tournament wasn't entirely lying, though, as it's now held "ball dog tryouts" and posted the evidence on Instagram:


Tallulah, Mabel, Delihah, Abby, Rocky, Timber, Ellie and Bailey all demonstrated their ball-retrieval skills—or lack thereof—for the judges.

Bailey, a doodle, was the standout, with not just fetching proficiency, but also Odell Beckham Jr.-esque midair catches.

The actual role Bailey will play during the tournament remains to be seen, but Kevin Anderson's dog, Lady Kady, will no doubt be jealous.


WATCH: US Open holds
"ball dog tryouts"

WATCH: US Open holds "ball dog tryouts"

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