Time and again, when not angst riddled because of it, you've got to love Twitter.

Platform user Casey Schnabel, with some aid from his resourceful online cronies, compiled all 49 of Venus Williams' championship points clinched in her singles career.


This compendium of clips arrived in timely fashion, on Williams' 40th birthday, of course. Four decades into her life, and about 25 years into her professional career, the elder Williams sister hardly shows signs of stopping, based on her indefatigable workout-video series and ab-tastic displays on social media in the time of COVID-19 quarantine.

From the humble early accounts of seizing titles in Oklahoma City to five Wimbledon triumphs spread over less than a decade, from Antwerp to Auckland, this greatest-hits package has it all.


Marathon points, passing-shot winners, untouched returns, and, naturally, aces all get their play in the montage.


(Click on any tweet in this article to see more of the two-minute capsules in Schnabel's Twitter thread.)

It remains to be seen whether Venus will commit, as sister Serena Williams has, to the intently watched, socially distanced US Open in New York in September. One has to think, though, that given her fitness training in isolation, and her updated service motion, that she's on the bound to appear in Queens.

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WATCH: Venus 
win 49 singles  
championship points

WATCH: Venus win 49 singles championship points