On June 9, Venus Williams was involved in a fatal car crash at an intersection in Palm Beach Gardens. The accident caused the death of 78-year-old Jerome Barson and injured his wife Linda (Williams was uninjured).

Barson's estate filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Williams in Palm Beach County circuit court, while the seven-time Grand Slam champion is currently busy reaching the semifinals of Wimbledon.

Initially, Palm Beach County police reported that Williams was to blame for the accident, but have since reversed the conclusion and no blame has yet been determined. Video surveillance shows the accident happening when Williams drove out of the Ballen Isles Country Club on a green light.

The new evidence proves that Williams obeyed the law, and was slowing down in the intersection due to another car turning in front of her. Proving any negligence on her part in the lawsuit will be much more difficult.

Michael Steinger, the Barson family's attorney, said the video shows Williams caused the crash by "violating the Barsons' right of way." Williams' attorney, Malcolm Cunningham, disagreed, and said in a statement that Linda Barson was at fault.


Williams has handled the situation with class, saying she was "completely speechless" during a difficult moment in press, and expressing her condolences to the Barson family.


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WATCH: Video of
crash helps clear
Venus of wrongdoing

WATCH: Video of crash helps clear Venus of wrongdoing

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