Forty-eight Grand Slam titles on one Tik Tok.

Venus and Serena Williams made a splash on social media when they shared exclusive footage of their return to the practice court, Serena posting the clip to her official Tik Tok account Monday night.

“Having a blast hitting with #venuswilliams,” captioned the 23-time Grand Slam singles champion, who won 14 women’s doubles titles with her big sis through a scintillating career that ostensibly ended after the 2022 US Open.


While Serena has continued growing her family, giving birth to second child Adira River Ohanian back in August after fabulously revealing her pregnancy at this year’s Met Gala, Venus is still very much part of the tennis tapestry, plotting a return to action in March of 2024 after playing the US Open this summer.

“That's when the tournaments go back to the States, so my goal is to be up and running when tournaments come back to the U.S,” she explained in an interview that surfaced in October.

The video has already earned over 80K views in under 24 hours, drawing tons of interest from those missing the Williams sister competing for the game’s biggest trophies.

“The reason I started watching tennis,” commented one fan.

“This brings tears to my eyes,” comments another as Serena stretches and shows off her Wilson racquet to the camera.

Serena has often teased a comeback since hanging up her racquets: might this be the start of something that would truly go viral?