WATCH: Jabeur makes a return to Confessional Cart


FORT WORTH, Texas—Tennis stars are just like us, picking up their Cheesecake Factory order on the same line we do.

At least that was the case when I ran into Ons Jabeur there after an arduous WTA Finals Media Day; should she win the title in Fort Worth, I’d expect a velvet rope to separate us in the future.

After her comeback win over Jessica Pegula, Jabeur made an even more shocking admission: though a fan of their entrees, the talented Tunisian is yet to try any of the eatery’s signature cheesecakes.

“I went there the few, few days and for now I haven’t gone,” she told me on Wednesday. “I was playing late. But maybe we can we can say thank you to Cheesecake Factory that I was eating there!

“I usually get the chicken and either mashed potatoes or spaghetti, which is really good, but big,” she adds with a wide gesture. “So, I have to run for it!”

Jabeur has done plenty of running through her first two round-robin matches, shaking off a heartbreaking defeat to Aryna Sabalenka to defeat Pegula in three sets and keep herself in contention for a spot in the semifinals.

If only the Elite 8 were playing soccer, the world No. 2 wouldn’t have to work nearly as hard.

“I'm gonna be arrogant in this one,” she said when asked who has the best footie skills. “Me! I mean respect to other girls, but if you say soccer, it's definitely me. I have two brothers and I always skipped the Barbie and played soccer with my brothers, sorry to my sister! She was left alone with that.

“But yeah, always wanted to play with a real team. It's still one of my dreams to just put everything in the shoes, the socks high, everything, the outfit. Maybe one day. You never know.”

In the meantime, Jabeur will likely stick to tennis as she moves one step closer to putting the "Celebration" in "Celebration Cheesecake."