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Tennis has seen its share of power couples over the years, and Break Point, the new Netflix docuseries, featured one such partnership between Matteo Berrettini and Ajla Tomljanovic in its second episode, “Take the Crown.”

The title is in reference to Berrettini’s improved shot at winning the 2022 Australian Open following the deportation of defending champion Novak Djokovic for refusing to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Supporting the Italian in his endeavors was girlfriend and fellow player Tomljanovic, who bowed out of the women’s tournament in an emotional first round loss to Paula Badosa.

“When I look back, there were some tough moments where the camera was there,” Tomljanovic recalled to me in December. “The day after one of those moments, there were no cameras, and I was with my team saying, ‘Oh my god, I was a mess yesterday, and they filmed that!’ In that moment, I was wishing I had been more together.”

While Break Point largely shows Berrettini and Tomljanovic as a solid unit, cameras caught some cracks in their dynamic, particularly when the two sparred over where the latter should host a Tennis Channel interview.

“I have to sleep,” insists Berrettini of Tomljanovic’s 8:15AM call time. “You go downstairs and ask for a room.”

“I’m going to say on air that you kicked me out,” Tomljanovic jokes.

“But they’re going to agree with me,” Berrettini predicts. “I’m still in the Australian Open!”

The two are later shown bidding an emotional farewell, but the two would split for good in February after almost three years together.

“So much time has past that it feels like another life, even though it’s been just a year,” said Tomljanovic. “Hopefully, it’s handled in a tasteful way, and in fact, I’m sure that it will be because everyone working behind the scenes were such lovely people that I can’t see it being anything other than exactly what it was. I don’t predict too much drama because there really wasn’t.

“At the same time, I hope the episode shows the reality of the situation for what it was.”

Berrettini was ultimately not assisted by any extra sleep, either; the former world No. 6 would lose in the semifinals to eventual champion Rafael Nadal, kicking off a frustrating season of injuries and illness that culminated with an ill-timed COVID-19 diagnosis that forced him out of Wimbledon.

Tomljanovic would endure her own difficulties for the first half of 2022, but teases a “glow-up” in time for the second batch of Break Point episodes, set to drop on Netflix in June.

“I changed so much in such a short period of time, which is why I think I had more success than ever in 2022,” says the Aussie, who previously starred on Tennis Channel's My Tennis Life. “If I could have filmed any year of my life, it would have been this one, so part of me is super excited to see it.”

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