What does furniture have to do with homework?

In Holger Rune’s case, he doesn't need a place to sit for his latest assignment.

On Twitter, the 20-year-old uploaded a clip of himself going through the motions of an agility drill... inside. Upon seeing it during Tennis Channel Live segment, Chanda Rubin drew fits of laughter from Andy Roddick after giving her reaction.

“Where’s the furniture?” she wondered. “Did he move his furniture out, like how is this happening here?”


Rune works through a hypothetical forehand.

Rune works through a hypothetical forehand. 

“I thought you were gonna say where’s his shirt?” quipped Steve Weissman.

Responded Roddick, “She’s gonna leave that for me, Steve.”

It was then the International Tennis Hall of Famer’s turn to get the giggles going when he stated, “There was a time in my life… where I would have never had a shirt on. Now I actually shower in full clothes these days. The tides have turned immediately.”


Giving props to Rune, Roddick added, “You gotta admire when you can mask a thirst trip as a workout video.”

“I have a lot of questions”, closed Rubin.

The Dane cracked the Top 5 for the first time in this week’s ATP rankings. Rune is seeded No. 6 at the Western & Southern Open and awaits his opening Cincinnati opponent after receiving a bye into the second round.

When the US Open rolls around, Rune will look to reach his first major semifinal and beyond after posting successive quarterfinal runs at Roland Garros and Wimbledon.