Ever since Hubert Hurkacz started making waves on tour, his game has been repeatedly compared to Andy Murray's by former players and commentators.

Now Murray has given his view, having just got a good look at the 24-year-old from Poland when he played him in the second round of Cincinnati. Murray is aware of the comparisons, telling press he had "heard that before," but he says the resemblance only applies to part of their games.

"I think there are some things, like the way that we return and like move to the return I think is quite similar, but then I don't know," said Murray. "Like we both hit our backhands quite flat."

Hurkacz may have a couple of inches on Murray, but the three-time major champion sees the Pole's movement as a strength.


"That was something that was always a strength in my game," said Murray.

But while their returns, backhand and movement might be similar, there is a big difference when it comes to serving -- the taller Hurkacz has a bigger delivery.

"I was more, in my career, was more sort of considered to be more of a returner, would have been a bit more my thing. There are some things that are similar, but I wouldn't say that we have the same game, I don't think," said Murray.

Still, Hurkacz isn't complaining about the comparison, despite agreeing with Murray that their games aren't exactly alike.

"Andy is unbelievable player, like what he has achieved. I mean, he was No. 1 in the world, winning many Grand Slams. So obviously being compared to such a great player is special," said Hurkacz, who recently hit a high of No.11 and reached the semifinals of Wimbledon.

"But yeah, I mean, I'm trying also to develop little bit of my style. The way I play is a bit different. But obviously Andy is amazing player and it's nice to be compared to such a great player," he told press.