When Caroline Wozniacki retired at the 2020 Australian Open, she slowed down a lot. For the first time in over 20 years, her time was her own. So what did she do with it? Start filming a physically challengingshow for Discovery ChannelDenmark called "Undressed to the Top with the Wozniacki Family".

With airing wrapped up, she finally has gotten to show off photos from the experience which culminated in a seven0day hike up Mount Kilimanjaro.


Though the show has only aired in Danish so far, the gist is simple enough.

"Basically the whole premise of the show is we meet three gurus, Ice Man [Wim] Hoff, Master Shifu and also Stig Severinsen," Woznaicki said on the TENNIS.com Podcast. "They teach us a few things that we're supposed to take with us when we’re climbing Kilimanjaro and we're trying to reach the top of Kilimanjaro with very little clothes on."

The first part was filmed in the snow-capped mountains of Poland followed by the Wozniacki/Lee troop relocating to warmer climates for free diving in Zanzibar. The meditating lessons with Shaolin monks and two days in the Maasai village took place in Tanzania before they headed up Mount Kilimanjaro.


Wozniacki was joined by her husband David Lee, her father Piotr, her mother Anna, her brother and Lee's mother Susan.


The 30-year-old retired in January after 15 years on a tour and just over a year after revealing a diagnosis with rheumatoid arthritis. She has recentlylaunched Advantage Hers, a website for helping women dealing with inflammatory diseases.