You Got This Racquet Court

Head has no shortage of racquet silos. Whether more classic control frames (Prestige, Gravity), big power and spin models (Extreme, Instinct) or something in-between (Radical, Speed), there are options for just about every player and style.

Yet for all of its offerings, the brand felt it lacked a user-friendly, pick-up-and-play frame with mass appeal. Something that the majority of the tennis playing population could use and compete with along the lines of the Babolat Pure Drive and Wilson Clash. After years of development and testing, Head believes it has something to fill that role.

While the official name and cosmetic reveal of the racquet won’t happen until November, a black prototype has been made available to a select audience, including So far, “You Got This”—emblazoned on the frame’s throat—is its moniker. Racquet junkies may have spotted the early frames on social media accompanied by the #HEADYouGotThis.

Head Prototype

Head Prototype


Rather than a new material, the technology of the frame revolves more around a construction innovation; the details of which will be fully explained upon release. What we can divulge from preliminary playtests is the 100 square-inch head is somewhat teardrop-shaped with a thick 24mm beam. At 10.4 oz. (295g) unstrung it’s at a manageable weight and moves quickly through the hitting zone. Power is plentiful, but it stops short of being unruly. Directional grommet drilling creates a wide, 16x19 string pattern that provides a deep pocket and good access to spin.

That's all we can say for now. Check back in the coming weeks for the full story on Head’s newest family member.