Alexander Zverev found himself in a tussle with chair umpire Renaud Lichtenstein in the third set of his semifinal against Stefanos Tsitsipas on Friday. As he slid into a forehand slice, Tsitsipas' ball was initially called out until Lichtenstein overruled and rewarded the point to his opponent. Zverev made contact with the ball but hit it into the net.

Assuming the point would be replayed, Zverev was in utter disbelief. Certain the call interfered with his shot, the German unleashed an array of colorful language that also got picked up on the Tennis Channel broadcast of the semifinal affair.

"That's bullshit. A bullshit decision. How is that possible?"

The German even approached tournament officials standing just off the court, but the call stood.

When a player gets this worked up over a call, it often can lead to self-destruction—this wasn't the case for Zverev. He managed to fight his way back into the match force a decider, but ultimately fell to the Greek, 6-3, 6-3, 4-6, 4-6, 6-3.

Zverev will remain at No. 6 in the rankings next week.