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by: Jon Levey | July 21, 2017

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Boast Apparel
This one is for the Tar Heel fans. The Colorblock Court Tee ($60) is the most popular active crew in the Boast line. It pairs with the 7-inch Athletic Short ($60) in matching Carolina Blue. The shorts have an elastic waistband and Boast signature drawstring. The fabric on both pieces is extremely airy and comfortable on the skin, and is the definition of quick drying. According the company, many wearers have taken to using the shorts as a bathing suit. But even if your pursuits are strictly on court, this combo will perform in the most extreme conditions.  

Deconstructing Tennis: The 4-D System
A former #1 at Rutgers University and ranked Top 20 nationally in men’s 35 and 40 singles, Bob Schewior has been teaching tennis for more than 40 years. He has written a new book on an efficient, effective, and simple mental technique for players of all levels. Noting that about 80% of the time spent on court is between points, Deconstructing Tennis: The 4-D System, offers a 4-step process for players to use so that they can access their best tennis. With an entertaining style, Schewior combines his years of teaching experience along with his Ph.D. training in economics to make this book an important addition to any player’s competitive arsenal, especially those looking for a little help between the ears. Available soon on Amazon.


Whether it’s the elbows, knees, shoulders, lower back or wrists, to love tennis is to eventually embrace some sort of chronic pain. While you can manage the discomfort with things like topical muscle rubs, anti-inflammatories and Cortisone injections, it doesn’t get to the root of the problem. LumiWave uses patented LED infrared technology to locally heat and stimulate circulation in joints and other deep-tissues areas to promote long-term regeneration and natural healing. Developed by a Colorado-based biotech company and used by physical therapists, orthopedists, rheumatologists and athletes of all stripes, the lightweight and portable device is available in an original 200 LED model ($499) and a double 400 LED version ($729) to treat larger areas, or two separate body parts at once. The polycarbonate pods hook up to a controller and can be placed on the body or wrapped around a joint and secured with a strap. There are two settings: 20-minute (high temperature) and 30-minute (low temperature). But even on the higher setting it’s more a feeling of warmth than intense heat. If you’re looking for a painless, non-invasive way to treat that pesky tennis elbow, LumiWave can definitely help.

Sergetti Stringing
Every string has its own unique tension. That’s the science behind the Sergetti stringing process. You give them your preferred racquet, strings and tension—and about $30—and in justa few minutes receive back a customized tension sheet for your equipment. Resulting from 12 years of research, more than 50 variables factor into the tension numbers such as frame distortion and friction between strings while pulling each cross during installation. An electronic machine and two-piece stringing are required, as is a little extra patience with the constant tension changes. The tensions vary from 30 to 70 pounds down to the tenth, and can fly in the face of convention; in one setup, I pulled several gut strings in the 30s, and polyester strings in the 60s. According to tests done by a third party (Exova) the result of the Sergetti method is a sweet spot that encompasses 70% of the string bed, versus the 12% provided by conventional stringing. Some of the intended benefits are increased power, comfort, stability and tension maintenance with less torsion, shock and vibration. We’ll have a more detailed review in the coming weeks, but early returns are bullish on the solid feel and playability.

If all-white attire is required, or you simply prefer a classic look, you’ll be a fan of Redvanly’s Baltic Polo ($92). The fabric blends polyester for moisture management with Tencel for its softness and comfort. Elastane provides some stretchiness to the slim, athletic cut. It performs well in warm conditions and strikes a nice balance between a luxury feeling polo and an active crew. Pictured here in white/sky blue, it’s also available with periwinkle contrast tipped sleeves.

It resembles a nail driver you might find in Home Depot, but the TheraGun is a clubhouse staple for numerous pro sports teams and athletes such as Bryce Harper, Kyrie Irving and Dustin Johnson. Lightweight, portable, battery-powered and easy to use, the reciprocating motion of TheraGun’s AmpBIT attachments creates localized vibration to stimulate intense blood flow to treat sore muscles, chronic pain and improve mobility. The frequency of the device is calibrated to interrupt the brain’s pain receptors, reducing discomfort during treatment. I’ve been using it for several weeks on a lingering elbow issue and the surrounding areas of my arm, and have noticed a significant reduction in pain during and after matches. Players with other injuries such as persistent back, quad, shoulder, and hamstring soreness should definitely give it a try. The sixth-generation of the TheraGun, the G2PRO ($599), will be out in August and is currently available for pre-order. Yes, it’s pricey. But since it’s like getting a concentrated, deep tissue massage in a fraction of the time, after just a few sessions it will easily pay for itself.


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