Racquet Preview: Dunlop SX Series

by: Jon Levey | January 25, 2020

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More spin, and more in. That’s the intent behind Dunlop’s new SX line. Just like the company’s more control-oriented CX line, these updates to the CV 3.0 frames have Sonic Core with Infinergy located at 2 and 10 o’clock at the frame to enhance the rebound and dampening properties. It also has Power Grid Technology—wider string spacing toward the tip; denser stringing in the center—for a more even distribution of power.

What sets the Sline apart is Spin Boost. Oblong shaped grommets are located on the 10 main strings going through the center of the frame. Not only do the grommets afford more string movement at contact, but each one is designed to encourage the string to move in a specific direction. An arrow on the grommet indicates whether the string slides forward, backward or sideways. The added movement creates extra bite on the ball, more forgiveness and a larger sweet spot.

Beyond that, the grommets help the ball respond more predictably on off-center contact. The strings will slide and move less when impact is higher in the string bed which results in less bite, a lower trajectory and less distance. Conversely, when balls are contacted lower in the string bed, strings will slide and move 46% more than when struck in the upper portion. That means more bite, height and distance. In a sense, it’s a self-correcting spin technology that promotes a more consistent flight and fewer errors. Using a robotic swing machine, Dunlop found that the SX 300 model produced 3% more spin and 13% more consistent ball trajectory than its previous model. 

In the video below, Dunlop and brand ambassador Patrick Mouratoglou describe the thinking behind Spin Boost. The other unique characteristic of the SX models is the V Energy Shaft II. The V-shaped geometry in the throat greatly enhances stability and power, while enhancing aerodynamics.

The SX range consists of five models: 300, 300 Tour, 300 LS, 300 Lite and the 600. Here are the unstrung specs:

  300 Tour 300 300 LS 300 Lite 600
Head Size (sq. in.) 100 100 100 100 100
Weight (oz.) 10.9 10.6 10.1 9.5  9.5
Balance 9 pts. HL 7 pts. HL 6 pts. HL 4 pts. HL 3 pts. HL
RA Rating 64 64 68 68 68
Beam Width (mm) 23-26-23 23-26-23 23-26-23 23-26-23 23-26.5-23
String Pattern 16x19 16x19 16x19 16x19 16x19
Length (in.) 27 27 27 27 27.25
Price (MAP) $199 $199 $179 $179 $179


The SX line is currently available at tennis specialty retail outlets. Check back in the coming weeks for reviews of select models.

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