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Racquet Preview: Head Graphene 360+ Prestige

by: Jon Levey | January 09, 2020

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Few racquet franchises are as storied as the Head Prestige. From the box beam to the cap grommets to the elongated shaft, the classic feel and pinpoint control have been embraced by Gland Slam winners down to club vets. While still a favorite of accomplished players at every level, there is some sentiment amongst the racquet’s faithful that recent editions haven’t quite lived up to its lineage. Head is looking to change that will the introduction of the new Graphene 360+ Prestige.

First unveiled last year in the brand-new Gravity series, Graphene 360+ combines the power and stability of the Graphene placed at various positions around the racquet head with spiralfibers in the throat for a cleaner, more comfortable feel at impact. It worked to great effect in the Gravity, which brought an old-school playability into the modern game.

Now the Prestige gets the treatment, designed to give its frames more of the classic plush and connected feedback the line was admired for. Also updated, the venerable MP has a new mold that expands the head to a true 98 square-inch size. Previously, Head measured the Prestige from the outer edge of the frame, rather than the inside as they did on all their other frames. The MP was listed as a 98, even though it was technically a 95. Now, not only has the measuring changed, but the head size has been expanded to be more forgiving, with a more generous sweet spot.

Model Mid Pro MP Tour S
Head Size 93 95 sq. in. 98 sq. in. 99 sq. in. 99 sq. in.
Weight 320g/11.3oz 315g/11.1oz 320g/11.3oz 305g/10.8oz 295g/10.4oz.
Balance 310mm/1.3 in. HL 315mm/1 in. HL 310mm/1.3 in. HL 320mm/1 in. HL 325mm/0.7 in. HL
Beam 20mm 22mm 20mm 21.5mm 21.5mm
Length 27 in. 27 in. 27 in. 27 in. 27 in.
String Pattern 16/19 16/19 18/20 18/19 16/19


Additionally, the grip on the Prestige has switched from its typical square shape to the rounded model found on all Graphene 360+ frames. The feeling at Head was that Prestige users are willing to branch away into different brands and models, but it could be more inviting for other players to switch to a Prestige if it has a more universal grip.

The Prestige is currently available for pre-sale and will ship around the middle of the month. Check back for more in-depth reviews in the coming weeks.

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