String Review: KLIP X-Plosive Gut/Poly Hybrid

by: Tennis Warehouse | July 01, 2020

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Upsides                                                         Downsides
Comfort                                                        Not as much spin or control as all poly

Price: $22

Tennis strings always come with trade-offs. If you want the plush comfort and raw power of natural gut, you typically have to give up a little control and spin. On the other hand, if you crave the precision and durability of a stiff polyester, you usually have to sacrifice some comfort, power and feel. But what if you don't want to make so many compromises? Our playtest team has a suggestion; it's called Klip X-Plosive, and it combines the soft and buttery comfort of natural gut with the crisp and surgical precision of a spin-friendly co-poly. In addition to giving our playtesters greater comfort and all-around playability than they get from their typical full bed of stiff polyester, X-Plosive gave our team something you simply cannot get from a single set of string: namely the ability to tweak performance variables depending on which string was selected for the mains and crosses. Ultimately, while our playtesters are not ready to quit their trusty full bed of polyester, this review helped each of them appreciate why so many of the world's top players use hybrids. The fact that you can pick up a set of X-Plosive for nearly half the price of the leading natural gut hybrids makes this string a true hidden gem.


Power: 84 Spin: 80 Comfort: 86
Control: 83 Feel: 86 Playability Duration: 90
Durability: 79    


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