String Preview: Solinco Hyper-G Soft

by: Jon Levey | October 08, 2020

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Solinco Hyper-G Soft

There’s no mistaking the vibrant green color. Solinco’s Hyper-G string has carved out a distinctive look and a robust following. Big-hitters love the spin and control they can produce from the four-sided polyester monofilament. While possessing a firm response, one of the biggest attractions for many players is the livelier, friendlier feel it offers compared to much of its competition.

Still, what works for top-ranked pros and college players, may not be ideal for older or younger players. Solinco felt it could produce an even plusher option for a wider range of users. Released earlier this week, Hyper-G Soft is made with a softening chemical formula injected into the string to raise the comfort at impact. 

Given Hyper-G is already relatively forgiving for a poly, the difference between it and the Soft version will not be dramatic when compared to the stiffness disparity between the company’s Tour Bite and Tour Bite Soft models. So, it’s still plenty crisp and underpowered when compared to a springy multifilament. But the subtle variance will provide players a bit more shock absorption at contact.

Hyper-G Soft comes in 16, 16L, 17 and 18 gauges. It is priced at $12/set and $160/reel and currently available at retailers.

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