Racquet Preview: Dunlop CX Series

by: Jon Levey | January 06, 2021

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Dunlop CX Series

In Dunlop’s world of elements of the game, the “C” in the CX racquet line stands for control. But it just as easily could mean comfortable, creativity or classic. That’s because the frames have an old-school, silky smooth feel to go along with dependable all-court playability. They don’t have the inherent power and spin capabilities of the company’s FX and SX lines, but there’s just enough of both to make the most of the frame’s precision.  

Other than an inversion from mostly black with red detailing to an eye-catching predominantly burgundy with black accents cosmetic—the frame looks sharp—the new CX is primarily an evolution from the departing model. It returns the Sonic Core with Infinergy at 10 and 2 o’clock of the frame for ball rebound and dampening properties; as well as the Power Grid variable string spacing for optimal power and spin or control depending on where the ball is struck on the racquet face.

The most notable change is the addition of Flex Booster technology. A highly elastic rubber material has been placed in the shaft to improve the flexibility and dampening for greater comfort. According to internal testing this results in a 5% reduction in frame stiffness and 10% reduction in vibrations compared to the outgoing model. 

Dunlop is also changing up the lineup slightly. The CX 200 will now have an oversize version with a larger head size and less weight. The CX 400 Tour is another new member of the family, offering more weight, thinner beam, softer flex and overall control than the standard CX 400. To make room, the CX 200+ is absent from this cycle. The extended length model didn’t attract enough of an audience and has been retired.   

Here’s a look at the entire line:

Model Head Size
(Sq. in)
Weight (g/oz)




CX 200 Tour (18x20) 95 315/11.1 310 20.5 63 18x20 27
CX 200 Tour 95 310/10.9 310 20.5 63 16x19 27
CX 200 98 305/10.8 315 21.5 64 16x19 27
CX 200 LS 98 290/10.2 325 21.5 64 16x19 27
CX 200 OS 105 295/10.4 325 21.5 62 16x19 27
CX 400 Tour 100 300/10.6 320 23 67 16x19 27
CX 400 100 285/10.1 330 24 71 16x19 27


Depending on the model, the CX frames are either $200 or $220 and are currently available for pre-sale at select tennis specialty retailers. Frames ship on January 15. Check back in the coming weeks for in-depth reviews.

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