String Review: Tecnifibre Triax

by: Tennis Warehouse | January 28, 2021

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Tecnifibre Triax

Upsides                                                         Downsides
Comfort                                                         Too powerful for some full-bed poly users
Tension maintenance                                                      

Price: $21

Tecnifibre's Triax string resists easy classification. Although it technically qualifies as a multifilament, the folks at Tecnifibre didn't design it as a traditional one. Their goal was to build a crossover string, one that appeals not only to the typical multifilament player (seeking comfort and power) but also to the more advanced hybrid or co-poly user (seeking control and spin). To achieve the extra control and spin potential, the production team at Tecnifibre added stiff polyester filaments to the construction, along with a firm high-density polyurethane resin. They also added a slippery anti-abrasion surface to help the strings snap back more effectively during impact. According to our playtest team, these features did the trick. In fact, Triax proved to be the most control-oriented and spin-friendly multifilament our playtesters have tried to date. It was also extremely comfortable, which isn't surprising given Tecnifibre's well-earned reputation for producing comfortable strings. Although our playtesters are not ready to give up their favorite polys for Triax, one thing is clear: Tecnifibre has created one of the most versatile multifilaments our team has ever tested.


Power: 80 Spin: 76 Comfort: 85
Control: 81 Feel: 86 Playability Duration: 86
Durability: 79    


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