WATCH: Zverev's violent racquet swipes in Acapulco

Alexander Zverev has been put on probation for one year for his misconduct in Acapulco on February 22, but he won’t miss time from the ATP Tour—for now—in a decision that is sure to divide the sport.

In a review released Monday night, the ATP’s statement said Zverev’s eight-week suspension and additional $25,000 fine are withheld, “on the condition that over the probation period, the player does not incur a further Code Violation that results in a fine” for verbal or physical abuse, or, unsportsmanlike conduct.

Zverev was found to be in violation of Aggravated Behavior under the Player Major Offense section for the aggressive tirade he directed towards chair umpire Alessandro Germani following his doubles defeat with Marcelo Melo. Zverev stared down Germani while violently swiping his racquet four times at the official’s feet and releasing a series of expletives.

The world No. 3 was subsequently withdrawn from the singles draw, where he was the defending champion, and later fined $40,000. All prize money and ranking points were forfeited.