Tennis Channel Live: Australian Open vaccination requirements

As Australian government officials decide what will be required of tennis players entering the country, John Millman says he would prefer all his fellow pros were given a path to play the Australian Open.

The discussion centers around whether to only allow vaccinated players to compete, or to also allow unvaccinated players if they complete two weeks of hard quarantine.

Millman points to the consensus on entry for vaccinated players as a positive.

"It is encouraging that those who are vaccinated can come in and play the Australian Open, definitely," he told 3AW from Moscow, where he is competing this week.

Millman is vaccinated, but he is not eager to have other players excluded from the event.

"I’d like to see them at least have that opportunity," said Millman, an ATP Player Council member. "I do want to see an opportunity for all the players to be able to play tennis, whether that be unvaccinated people having to go in and do the 14 days hard quarantine."




While there has been speculation that players not would agree to do hard quarantine in a hotel, the 32-year-old Aussie suggested the prestige of a Grand Slam would be enough to get them to consider it.

"I think that they will still come. I can’t speak for them, but I do believe that the majority of players, even if they are unvaccinated, would still come, even if it meant doing the 14 days," he said.

Plus, these extra requirements will apply to a smaller group as more players get vaccinated, though some top players could be potentially included.

"The men’s tour’s now up around 70 percent and that number’s going up each day," said Millman, noting the travel and amount of tournaments involved. "I think players are looking for a slight break in the schedule."

This year, all Australian Open players were required to do two weeks of soft quarantine. That included going on site for a few hours a day for training, with no restrictions once the two weeks were completed.

But dozens of players also found themselves in hard quarantine upon arriving because of potential exposure while traveling. That issue is yet to be resolved for the upcoming Aussie swing.