It wasn't a first, but it's proving to be a worst: Eugenie Bouchard forsook another opportunity to simply shake the hand of her opening-match foe at a Fed Cup tie. It happened in the draw ceremony for Canada versus Romania in Montreal, Bouchard's city of residence, and Alexandra Dulgheru was the recipient of, well, nothing. Here's what happened:


Indeed, Bouchard couched her disrespect in this statement: "It's nothing personal towards her, I just don't believe in wishing my opponent good luck before the match, but, you know, after we play tomorrow, I will shake her hand no matter what happens."

Here's another look at it, showing Bouchard saying "I'll pass" as she waved off Dulgheru's sporting invitation at the photo-op. ("Oh, really?" comes a man's reply off-camera.)  l

There's precedent for this, of course. Bouchard pulled the same stunt a year ago at the Fed Cup tie between Canada and Slovakia, with Kristina Kucova suffering the slight.

And the still image from this one is just damning as the footage:


Thoughts on this out of Bouchard's homeland were decisive:


What say you, readers: The sign of a star's truly competitive focus or conduct unbecoming a top-tier player?

Top video via @sidelinedontour.

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