Czech news agency CTK has issued an apology to Tomas Berdych, saying his name was not among those that showed up in the Panama Papers.

The news agency, along with other Czech media outlets, had said an investigation by the Czech Centre for Investigative Journalism showed that Berdych was one of almost 300 Czechs identified in the unauthorized release of documents belonging to legal firm Mossack Fonseca, which specializes in offshore accounts. No details of Berdych's alleged activities with the firm were given at the time.

However, it has since stated that Berdych's name did not appear in the papers.

"Neither the information available on the website originally cited, nor other available sources, include Mr. Tomas Berdych's name in the Panama Papers database," a release from the agency said.

"Truth prevails," Berdych wrote on Twitter, linking to the apology.


Romanian media reported that Ion Tiriac was one of the firm's clients. However, a legal representative for the billionaire former player said Tiriac's offshore assets are known to the national government. Some of the corporations involved in the identified transactions bear Tiriac's name, and have been publicly identified with him.

While the original mention of Berdych's name did not implicate him of any illegal activity, much of the interest surrounding the documents has been centered on revelations of offshore accounts—which can potentially be used for hiding assets and financial transactions—held by prominent figures.