Grigor Dimitrov, who has been dating for Maria Sharapova for more than a year, says he's learned things from the four-time Grand Slam champion, but adds the ATP and WTA tours demand different approaches.

“If you are with a person every day it kind of gives you a little of whatever it is,” the 22-year-old Dimitrov told “I can't say one thing in particular I have learned, but she is really a supportive person on my side and that’s the most important thing.

“They have their own sort of game and it's a different approach, we play best-of-five [sets] out there and they don't play the same thing, so I don’t think that kind of comparison in that way should be put out there. But she’s been great and extremely supportive in the months so far.”

In Brisbane, Dimitrov sat in Sharapova's box watching her face Serena Williams in the semifinals.

“Of course [I'm nervous] and in general I’m nervous, and sitting on the side watching her matches, I'm not so good at it,” he said.