Novak Djokovic agrees that tennis should look at changes to "fulfill its full potential," saying matches with more predictable timing and length would help the sport on television.

Djokovic was reacting to recent suggestions by WTA CEO Steve Simon to reduce the length of matches, including potentially using no-ad scoring and super tiebreaks for singles, similar to what’s used in doubles matches.

"I would partly agree with that, because one thing that is difficult ... you never know how long the match is going to go and when it's going to be played," said Djokovic. "I think, in terms of finding some kind of frames where we can at least know approximately when we are playing, [that] would be much better to place the product in [the] market. So in terms of that business perspective, I would agree."

But the world No. 1, who lost to Roberto Bautista Agut in the Shanghai semifinals on Saturday, also indicated that he does not like all the changes that have been suggested or trialed at non-tour events.

"I have heard stories about shortening up sets, playing up to four,” the Serb said. “I have seen many exhibition matches and tournaments being played up to four. Then you have the IPTL league testing out the no-ad, no-let kind of rules, introducing the timer between points ... Some of the rules are, you know, worthy of consideration ... Some are not."

He called for the sport to "come together" and see "the way we want to improve and evolve" to stay current and modern.

"All the sports, if you see, are doing everything they can in order to get their sport to [the] highest possible level and fulfill their potential,” Djokovic said. “I think tennis has yet to fulfill its full potential. I think we are at a good state at the moment, for sure—men's tennis, no doubt about it—but we still have a lot of room to get better."