David Ferrer expresses his confidence in his new coach Paco Fogues, his second coach since he stopped working with longtime mentor Javier Piles a year ago.

Ferrer began working with Jose Altur in 2013, but said they had different opinions about how to play and ended their coaching relationship following the U.S. Open. “My personal relation with him, it was perfect, but professional I think we have different things about tennis. Just for that, I change.” said Ferrer at the ATP World Tour Finals.

The 32-year-old Spaniard reached a career-high ranking of No. 3 in 2013, but has fallen to No. 10 and pointed to various injuries and the coaching adjustment as challenges this season. Ferrer withdrew from his scheduled appearance in the new Champions Tennis League this month with a back injury, but played as an alternate at the ATP World Tour Finals when Milos Raonic withdrew.

As he prepares for the new season, Ferrer is excited about who will be in his corner.

“Paco Fogues is my new coach. I have a lot of confidence with him. He's a good friend. I practice a lot of years with him," Ferrer said. “The last year when I finish... with Javier Piles, my first option was Paco Fogues, but Paco Fogues was practicing with Dani Gimeno. I have no chance to practice with him.

“Now I am happy because I think is the best coach I can have.”