The FFT will launch a relief fund totaling 35 million Euros next week, with a million Euros for French players between No. 101 and 500 in the rankings.

As previously announced by the federation, 21 million Euros will go to French tennis clubs, while a further nine million Euros will be given to players, officials and events affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Teaching professionals will get five million Euros.

"The plan is financed by the FFT's global budget," said the FFT, adding that four million was from tennis leagues and some from government-provided loans.

The announcement comes as the French Open does not begin this week as scheduled, though officials are still aiming to play it following the US Open. The tournament earns €260 million annually, including €70 million profit, for the federation.

But the funding for clubs and players is not dependent on the tournament being played.

"What happens to Roland Garros will not affect the plan," it said.

The plan is the largest announced by any European tennis federation so far. The USTA has announced a plan to distribute $50 million, including for its regional associations.

The LTA in Britain, RFET in Spain and the Italian federation have also announced several million to a few hundred thousand Euros in their plans.

FFT to launch €35 million national COVID-19 relief fund next week

FFT to launch €35 million national COVID-19 relief fund next week