It's been a good season for Maxime Cressy. The French-born American started off ranked No.112 and next week at the US Open, will be seeded for the first time at a Grand Slam. While it may be a milestone, the 25-year-old is looking much higher.

“I’m more concerned about getting to Top 10. That was my goal at the beginning of the year,” Cressy told

That's the approach he's taken his entire career, winning his first ATP title at Newport this season and reaching a pair of finals.

“This is what got me here, I'm almost Top 30," said Cressy. "I'm the kind of player that's always focused on my goals. I would say I'm on 90 percent of the time and I would say I'm off 10 percent of the time—like if I've had big wins, or I relax a little too much. But generally with my personality, when I'm on I'm really focused the whole way.”

Heading into New York, Cressy is 23-20 on the year.

Heading into New York, Cressy is 23-20 on the year.


He played at UCLA from 2016-19, winning a lot of matches.

“I started the tour two and a half years ago, when I finished college. I've definitely had the same qualities for around two years. It was just being consistent with it," he said, adding that the traveling was the biggest adjustment.

"I definitely improved a lot. I think I'm learning that even better, hotels and everything. That was the biggest transition when I finished college.

“What kept me going was having a vision and goals and always striving to get there.”

Even on court, he keeps moving forward. Cressy's game, built around serving and volleying and frequent charges to the net, is rare on tour these days—but it's the only way he wants to play.

“I just love doing it, the feeling of putting volleys away, it's the best feeling,” he said.

He also says it's easier on the body, allowing him to play the heavier schedule he prefers as a competitor.

"I would like to play 30, 33 tournaments a season," he said. "I love it so much, it's like my body feels ready for it."

I just love doing it, the feeling of putting volleys away, it's the best feeling. Maxime Cressy


His off-court interests, similarly, are a bit different from most players.

“I love chess. I love mathematics, I love theorems, I used to code,” he said. “Yoga, health, that's also a passion.”

Despite his success this season, Cressy says he hasn't yet had his big breakthrough. And though that's a source of motivation, it can also be a problem.

“Sometimes, I'm a little impatient. So I try to try to stay really focused through the whole week or two weeks,” he said.

Still, whether it's Winston-Salem or the US Open, his goal does not change.

''I aim for winning the tournament," he said.

Cressy reached the quarterfinals in Winston-Salem, falling to Adrian Mannarino.