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NO GHOSTWRITER HERE  Recently sent up by ex-wife Brooke Shields over using a ghostwriter for his lauded autobiography, Open, Andre Agassi hit a winner with his February 25 Beyond the Baseline podcast spot alongside Sports Illustrated's Jon Wertheim. Over their half-hour call-in session, Agassi editorialized about social media and star athletes today:

"I'm really thankful to not be famous in the day and age where you can—for anybody to lose perspective on the double-edged sword of social media, if you will, is sometimes a real liability. You have to treat it with a great deal of responsibility. That's one of the reasons why I'm involved with Unscriptd. I do have an appreciation for the written word and how it lives on, and these days everything we say and do in that space lives in perpetuity, so it needs to be addressed with full attention. And I've realized through the process of my book the real power of story. It's a way for all of us to really see ourselves in it. It's also an opportunity for athletes to go directly to their fan base and beyond. It's also an opportunity for fans to connect in a real way to the athletes, to the people they look up to, the people they want to hear more from. Unfiltered, you know. Not governed, not ghostwritten, but truly straight from people to people."

Sideline: Agassi's inimitable 1992 shoe, the Nike Air Tech Challenge IV, has always had its tie-dyed heel, but now it's been revamped with a brown-suede look.

JACKED  Jack Sock's 007-inspired, remarkably minimalist "man cave" appears on Architectural Digest's website. Just like his booming forehand, the Kansan's space hits clean lines.

MOTHWOMANBig Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco might have thought better than to take on a tattoo depicting her wedding date to former ATP World Tour player Ryan Sweeting. The two are now divorced, and Cuoco shared with Ellen DeGeneres why she has covered up that dated on her upper back with a new moth tattoo: "It was big enough to cover the numbers." Just two years earlier, Cuoco appeared on The Ellen Showgushing about Sweeting. At the time, Cuoco had said she'd marry him anytime ... and DeGeneres called her on it.


KANYE WHO? Serena Williams, alongside the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Taylor Swift, is seen as more influential than one Kanye West, according to Nielsen Talent Analytics drawing on data from regular surveys of American consumers.

BONUS  It doesn't take long for Forbes' "The Evolution of Marketing to Female Sports Fans" to bring the names Serena and Maria Sharapova into play.

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