Podcast with Kamau Murray

There isn't one singular route to your ideal career, but Marc Lucero certainly got his money's worth traveling. The former USTA mainstay and current coach of Steve Johnson joined Kamau Murray on the Podcast to discuss exactly how he made it in the coaching world, and whether he had any regrets or moments of self-doubt.


Murray and Lucero peel back several layers on this episode, from Lucero's decision to drop out of law school to pursue a career in tennis, to his time at the USTA and the various coaching minds he learned immensely from. The veteran coaches also discuss the differences between the men's and women's games, and whether they could truly enjoy themselves during their player's great Grand Slam runs. In the thick of his former pupil Shelby Rogers' run at the 2016 French Open, Lucero was overwhelmed above everything.

"Phone's blowing up, crunching video for the next match, don't want to talk anybody," he confessed, though he did have one lasting memory. "When you see someone achieve something they didn't think they can do, it's amazing."


The conversation pulls no punches, and as usual with a Kamau Murray interview, it is as raw and real as it gets. That holds especially true when discussing their recent experiences at the 2021 World Team Tennis Season at Indian Wells, where they agreed on one player having the best overhead in the game (Hint: It's not who you think it is). Turn up the volume and get ready to learn a few things about tennis.