Ernests Gulbis is back with his coach, Gunther Bresnik, following a temporary parting this season.

The Latvian stopped working with the Austrian coach before the March hard-court Masters events in the United States. Though a shoulder injury hindered Gulbis' preparation during the off season, he still sees his longtime coach as the right choice for him. He was 2-12 entering the French Open.

"I was always a player who needed someone who is incredibly strong in technical part of the game," said the No. 29-ranked Gulbis. "When I did my work, you know, I don't even need to think about tactics. I just walk on court and I perform.

"But I need to get my base done. ... I didn't have a long period of time where I could really practice my base, and my technical base as well."

Ana Ivanovic, meanwhile, is in Paris with adidas consultant Mats Merkel, who has coached her occasionally. The former No. 1 split with her previous coach, Dejan Petrovic, before Madrid.

"It was good because we worked [before] together to have someone on my side sort of putting some patterns back into my game," she said. "I have talent and possibility to do many things, but I have to have purpose and goal when you step on court, and I was lacking that."

Both players won their first-round matches in Paris.

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