Martina Hingis has begun seeking a mixed doubles partner for the 2016 Rio Olympics, but has yet to make a commitment to a Swiss player.

Hingis has approached both Roger Federer and Stanislas Wawrinka about potentially partnering with her. There has been talk of a Hingis-Federer pairing since the 2012 London Olympics, but Hingis decided she was not ready to compete. This time, Federer does not know if he wants to play singles, doubles, and mixed, or just two events.

Wawrinka said Hingis had asked him, but it will depend on Federer's decision.

"Well, Hingis asked Roger first. Roger took some time to answer, so she asked me," said Wawrinka, following his defeat at Monte Carlo. "I want to... see what Roger says since she asked Roger first. I don't want to say yes now."

For the country's No. 2, a group decision would be preferable. "It's complicated. I think we need to meet and discuss it," he said.

At Fed Cup this week, Timea Bascinsky, who is ranked No. 22 and the country's top women's singles player, was enthused when asked if she would like to play with Wawrinka. Each country can enter two mixed doubles teams from players who are in one of the other competitions.

"Playing with Timea is an option, but I can not say," Wawrinka told French press, indicating that he would first tell Hingis. "If I say yes, it's agreed I play with her."

Hingis is playing Fed Cup as a first step towards becoming eligible for the Olympics.