Roger Federer is back on his feet following a recent knee operation, and while he isn't yet back on court, the 20-time major champion is already making plans for next season.

Federer has been in Switzerland since having arthroscopic surgery on his right knee five months ago, a little before the tennis tour shut down during the coronavirus pandemic, and underwent another procedure on the knee a month ago. But the 38-year-old appeared in an online sponsor event for his new shoe company, On, talking about what he's been doing.

"I've had two knee surgeries, so it has been dominated by that—by rehabbing, being on crutches, recovering from the surgery and taking it step by step. I must say I feel much better already again," he said during the unveiling of his new shoe design, where he did not wear any strapping on his knee.


The world No. 4 added he was not yet back playing tennis as usual and that "the goal is really is that I'm ready for next year," having previously said he will not play for the rest of the season even if tournaments resume.

The layoff has had some advantages for Federer, who has stayed in Zurich with his wife, Mirka, and their four kids.

"It's great to be home and that I can do it all in my home," he said. "It's been nice for us as a family.

"For me it's been very nice to be in Switzerland for as long as I have. The longest I've stayed at home [during my career] probably is five to six weeks and now here we are, four to five months in, and I'm still in Switzerland."

Federer has not played an official tournament since the Australian Open, and has not appeared on court since his charity exhibition in South Africa.

"I feel much better": Federer on recovery from second knee surgery

"I feel much better": Federer on recovery from second knee surgery