WATCH: Paire bowed out to Pablo Carreño Busta in the first round of the Rolex Paris Masters.

Benoit Paire is unconcerned about vaccination requirements for the Australian Open. More than that, he's happy if it gets any of his fellow competitors decide to stay home.

Australian government officials have been sparring about whether to only allow vaccinated players against coronavirus to enter the country, or to also allow unvaccinated players in with a two-week quarantine.

Paire said he has been vaccinated and isn't bothered about the issue.

"There is no quarantine anymore in Melbourne if you're vaccinated. Those that are not vaccinated, I don't care about them. If they don't play, all the better for me," he said, speaking to press following a first-round defeat at this week's Paris Masters.

"I don't care about the other players. I'm motivated to have a great season next year. If there are some people who are reluctant to get vaccinated, then they should stay in Europe. It's not my problem. You have to be vaccinated to go to Australia. I am vaccinated and I'm looking forward to playing there. "

The Frenchman has previously had problems with other coronavirus regulations, complaining about spending two weeks in isolation when he tested positive at the 2020 US Open.

According to him, there are other players who have objections to the requirements, though he expects most will drop them.

"At the US Open, everybody was saying that they were going to go on a strike, that they said that they shouldn't get vaccinated to go to Australia, that they were not going to play. But when the season starts again, everybody wants to play," he said.

Tennis Australia has not yet officially announced its safety protocols for the Australian Open.