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Iga Swiatek and Hubert Hurkacz want further investigation into allegations of long-running abuse by the president of the Polish tennis federation, Mirosław Skrzypczynski, first revealed by by Polish website, Onet.

The publication had previously given anonymous accounts of juniors being sexually abused while under Skrzypczynski's supervision, with Skrzypczynski responding by asking for the names of the accusers. Now, it has spotlighted a Polish Member of Parliament, Katarzyna Kotula, as having come forward.

"If Mirosław Skrzypczynski wants names, I am not afraid to speak up," she said.

A former junior player, Kotula described herself as a 13-year-old "sexually assaulted a dozen times during three years" and provided a detailed account of the abuse and prior behavior, adding that similar incidents also apparently happened to other young players.

Skrzypczynski described the allegations in Polish as "unfounded," according to national press.


"Governing bodies should determine what happened," said Swiatek in a lengthy post on social media.

"Governing bodies should determine what happened," said Swiatek in a lengthy post on social media.

Swiatek, the WTA No. 1 who is from Poland, issued a lengthy statement that spoke of the importance of supporting those experiencing violence.

"I feel that as a current leader of women's tennis I can’t be silent about particular matters," she said, and referred to the allegations.

"That's why I consider the articles about the president of the Polish Tennis Federation a serious matter."


The 21-year-old also called for more action to be taken by tennis authorities.

"Governing bodies should determine what happened," she added.

Fellow pro and compatriot Hurkacz also issued a statement, opposing the abuse of power by coaches or guardians of players and asking officials to take steps.

"I hope the appropriate authorities will react," said Hurkacz, No. 10 in the ATP rankings.


The Polish tennis federation, which runs the sport in Poland, is an ITF member.