WATCH: Brooksby finished runner-up in his third career ATP final in Atlanta earlier this summer.

Jenson Brooksby has spent most of his first full season as a pro traveling on tour, but is looking much more at home competing in the US Open.

The 21-year-old appears to have found his game this week, reaching the third round, but has had an uneven season—deep runs at Dallas and Atlanta but just 5 victories during the clay and grass tournaments in Europe.

"Especially being on the road for us was the biggest challenge," Brooksby told press at the US Open.

"It's things we realize in my game specifically, and also some off-court things, where when I'm back home in Sacramento and training, we have a lot of it implemented already, say, like, the competitive culture and what things I need to work on on my game and getting the hours on court of drilling or hitting, you know, just specific things we need to work on.

"We learn[ed] that we need to be able to keep all these things up on the road. Also, certain aspects of my mentality. For a while, we hadn't even really realized that, like, that those things would fade so easily being on the road."


Brooksby climbed the ranks rapidly in 2021, breaking the Top 50, but hasn't moved up more than a few spots this season. Yet he's already looking forward.

"We learned so much from this year that we will implement," said Brooksby.

His run at this event has also helped. "And, yeah, but right now I'm feeling really good, really confident," he added.

Brooksby will play Carlos Alcaraz in the third round.