HIGHLIGHTS: Isner outclasses Murray at SW19

John Isner's watching his ace count almost as carefully as the scoreline when he takes to the court these days.

The big-serving 6'11" Isner, who hit 36 aces to defeat Andy Murray in the second round of Wimbledon, is now just five away from breaking the record 13,728 aces blasted by the even taller Ivo Karlovic.

The 37-year-old called it "something I'm really proud of" as he gears up to become the holder of the record during his third round against Jannik Sinner.

"It's not going to put me in the Hall of Fame or anything like that, because that's not me," Isner told press. "But I will be the all-time leader. I'll keep playing, keep adding to my total.

"I could be up there for a long time."


In his win over Murray, Isner did not drop serve.

In his win over Murray, Isner did not drop serve.

Isner started to track his progress toward the record during 2021, noting that he was slowly catching up.

"Ivo, I don't know if he's retired or what, but he hasn't played in a long time. I knew I would kind of eventually track him down," he said.

Though he doesn't expect much fanfare, it'll be important to him.

"I will be probably thinking about it in my next match knowing it's either six or seven. Once I hit that number, whatever, not going to make an announcement or anything, but I'll know I have the record," he said.

Isner also holds the record for most aces in a single match, hitting 113 against Nicolas Mahut during their record-breaking five-setter on the grounds of Wimbledon.

The former semifinalist is the No. 20 seed and went five sets in his opening round with Enzo Couacaud.