Li Na, who will play Dominika Cibulkova in the Australian Open final, says that while it has taken her a substantial amount of time to become comfortable at the net, she is now committed to coming forward. She's changed her mentality while working with her coach, Carlos Rodriguez, over the past year and half, during which she has altered her service motion and backhand.

“When first time Carlos is telling me, 'You should come in more on the volley,' I was like, 'What this guy talking about?' In the beginning, I was thinking, ‘Huh, why? I will stay baseline for maybe 100 years, never try to come to the net.’ But after he tried to say the good way for me. I try. I was feeling well. Is not bad. Especially in Wimbledon last year, I was feeling, if I lose the match, at least I try. I find the new thing for myself. I think now is much better than in the beginning.”