Lorenzo Musetti says his lackluster play against Jack Draper in the Next Gen ATP Finals in Milan was due to fatigue, but is positive about his season—one that ideally isn't quite done yet.

The 20-year-old Italian fell, 4-1, 4-0, 4-3, in his final round-robin contest Thursday, having previously lost in five sets against Dominic Stricker and defeating Tseng Chun-Hsin in his opener. Though praising Draper's play, he said tiredness—not an injury—affected his own game.

"It was not the hand," said Musetti, speaking to press. "This morning, I wasn't sure about taking the court but finally, I decided to play due to respect for my opponent and the crowd."

The Next Gen Finals is his eighth event in nine weeks, including a final in Naples. He has won two titles in what has been a breakthrough season and currently sits at his highest ranking so far.

"For sure, finishing No. 23 is very nice," said Musetti. "A lot of things happened, most of them positive, I would say the best was winning the first title in Hamburg, where I beat [Carlos] Alcaraz in the final. Other than that, a lot of consistency, and the feeling I could beat anyone. Now I start events with the goal of winning the trophy."

Having helped his nation qualify for the knockout phase, Musetti also confirmed he is aiming to play the Davis Cup Finals in Malaga. Italy is due to face the United States in the quarterfinals on November 24.