WATCH: Tennis Channel celebrates Senior Editorial Manager, Matt Fitzgerald.


Big or small, Madison Keys champions the kind, inspirational, and those who make a difference—on and off the court. Through her non-profit organization Kindness Wins, she is recognizing champions of kindness, people who prove that the impact of being kind—even in its simplest form—always wins.

Keys and her organization help support champions of kindness by creating grants to fund programs that push for a brighter tomorrow, and promote the goodwill of others. They also encourage a kindness movement at the grassroots level, and never hesitate to tell the stories of those who show selflessness and warmth via their growing social platforms.


The American celebrated her third annual Kindness Wins Day on May 20. To help spread kindness and demonstrate that, even in a competitive sporting environment, acts of kindness are still possible, Tennis Channel recognized one important member:

Senior Editorial Manager, Matt Fitzgerald.

Fitzgerald is always the first to log in and the last to log out each day. His work ethic is unmatched but his caring and giving attitude is what makes him one of the most special people you'll meet. Even under tight deadlines and through the constant churn of new content, Fitzgerald makes time for other members of his team who need help.


"No matter how rich, talented or great you think you you treat people ultimately tells all," Keys said on the Kindness Wins website.

And at Tennis Channel, it's crystal clear with Fitzgerald. Even amidst a very challenging year, he never once put his racquets aside, and instead persevered. Despite the difficult year he endured, he was a light for others on the Tennis Channel team. For Fitzgerald, the match is never over until it's over, and his kindness and strength always carry him to the next point.

Individuals like Fitzgerald are not only more of the sport world needs, but he also gives us hope that we are on the right path. He's a champion of kindness and Tennis Channel is delighted to celebrate him on Kindness Wins Day.