WATCH: Murphy Jensen speaks about his past, the present of so many, and what the future can be.


There’s no question that the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing chaos took a toll on everyone around the world. But some of the most negatively impacted were the one in 10 Americans battling addiction. With pandemic restrictions, people battling or newly succumbing to Substance Use Disorders (SUD) began to increase. According to the CDC, 40 percent of adults have reported mental health symptoms, many having started or increased substance abuse.

Social distancing, quarantine and isolation were essential measures to slow the spread of COVID-19, but they also accelerated the negative effects on those battling forms of drug and alcohol addiction. Murphy Jensen, co-founder of WEconnect, understands that while the problem will never be solved, support can be provided.

"People think substance misuse and mental health issues are separate things," Murphy says, "but they aren’t, they are interrelated."

WEconnect's mission is to save lives, support healthcare ecosystems, communities and families by supporting those battling mental health issues and SUDs. Jensen understands better than anyone. After winning the 1993 French Open with his brother Luke, Murphy became an overnight celebrity. Struggling to cope with his newfound success and added pressure, Jensen turned to drugs and alcohol, and has been in recovery since 2006.

WEconnect expanded its app on September 1 to include a free version that allows access for all people that may be questioning their relationship with any substance, as well as people working towards long-term recovery from SUDs and mental health issues.

"Things changed for me when I got the courage to ask for help," Jensen added. "There isn’t always a traditional path towards recovery, but WEconnect is there to help for no cost at all."

Whether big or small, everyone is always going through something, and WEconnect is here to help.