With all of the history Novak Djokovic created at Wimbledon this year—most notably winning his 20th career Grand Slam title, tying Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal for the men’s all-time record—there's been a number of incredible achievements that went under the radar over the last few weeks. And one of them was a pretty rich one.

With his Wimbledon prize money, Djokovic is now tennis’ first 150 Million Dollar Man.

The Serb actually secured the milestone somewhere around the third or fourth round, but by going all the way to the title and earning the £1,700,000 winner’s cheque, he now has $151,876,636 in career prize money, the first tennis player ever to hit $150 million.

TOP 10 CAREER PRIZE MONEY LEADERS (male or female, all-time)
1. Novak Djokovic ($151,876,636)
2. Roger Federer ($130,594,339)
3. Rafael Nadal ($124,937,195)
4. Serena Williams ($94,518,971)
5. Andy Murray ($62,009,732)
6. Pete Sampras ($43,280,489)
7. Venus Williams ($42,276,755)
8. Maria Sharapova ($38,777,962)
9. Simona Halep ($37,581,677)
10. Caroline Wozniacki ($35,233,415)

Djokovic became the first tennis player to hit $100 million after completing his Career Slam at Roland Garros in 2016, and now, five years later, he’s the first to $150 million.


Djokovic has earned $6,220,457 this year—no other man has even crossed $3 million.

Djokovic has earned $6,220,457 this year—no other man has even crossed $3 million.

If Djokovic keeps playing the way he is now, there’s no reason he can’t continue on to bigger prize money milestones. He’s already earned $6,220,457 this year, more than twice as much as any other man, and he’s earned $10 million or more in eight of the last 10 years, so even a few more years on the tour and $200 million could be in sight.

But while Djokovic strives to break records, he doesn’t focus too hard on specific ones. After reaching his 50th career Grand Slam quarterfinal at Wimbledon this year, he was told about the stat in press and maintained the tennis is still the focus.

“You always enjoy obviously hearing those stats. Again, it’s a privilege to break records in the sport that I truly love. I’m devoted to this sport as much as I think anybody out there on the tour. I just try to do my best," the Serb explained.

“Of course, they are a motivating factor. I am aware that there are many records on the line. I’m not aware of all of them. Of course, they do inspire me to play my best tennis.”