What has the Original 9 and their groundbreaking actions meant for you?

The International Tennis Hall of Fame is spearheading a celebration of the iconic Original 9 with an #O9Inspired social media campaign.

Led by Billie Jean King and World Tennis Magazine publisher Gladys Heldman, the Original 9 signed a ceremonial $1 contract on September 23, 1970 to become the first players of a burgeoning Women’s Tennis Association and, in the 50 years since that fateful first tournament, have motivated generations of women to pursue their dreams on the court and off.

“Without the Original 9's bravery, visionary mindset, and unwavering commitment, opportunities for women in tennis and beyond, simply would not be what they are today,” notes the International Tennis Hall of Fame in an official press release.


“The Original 9 risked their livelihood for equality in the sport, but they were prepared to do so because they envisioned a better future for female athletes.”

The Original 9 is set to be inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame later this year; to mark the occasion, fans are invited to submit personal stories of how the Original 9 inspired them throughout Women’s History Month. The submissions will be compiled and run as part of the summer's planned induction celebration.

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#O9Inspired: Hall of Fame invites fans to celebrate Original 9

#O9Inspired: Hall of Fame invites fans to celebrate Original 9