Last year, Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian's daughter Olympia became the youngest owner of a sports team at just three years old. Olympia is the co-owner of Los Angeles' Angel City FC soccer team along with many activists, actors and more, who are hoping to bring Angel City to the National Women's Soccer League by 2022.

On Thursday, the young owner spread the news of seat deposits going on sale with her father Alexis' help.


Alexis: "Do you want to tell everybody to get their seats deposit in for Angels City FC?"

Olympia: "Yes, but I need earphones."

The one-minute video is possibly the cutest clip circulating on social media.

For each seat that is filled, a Nike sports bra will be donated to a young girl in need. There are currently 22,000 seats in the stadium and they are optimistic about selling every single one of them.


"Lots of people don't believe in the power, influence, and awesomeness of Women athletes. This is the start of a long dynasty of proving them very, very wrong. LFG," Ohanian wrote on the Instagram post.