Many players have reacted to Maria Sharapova receiving a reduced 15-month ban from the Court of Arbitration for Sport. Here’s a sampling of those reactions.

Angelique Kerber

"Actually, at the end, the final decision is out. That's all I can say because I don't know exactly the whole story. I was not into it."

Dominika Cibulkova

"You can only respect that. The decision is the decision. There is nothing else I can say about it."

On her disparaging comments about Sharapova back in April: "I knew what I said. I'm not changing my opinion. I just don't want to talk about it anymore.”

Andy Murray

"Obviously, when I was asked about it yesterday, I was asked about the sentence potentially being reduced. It doesn't mean I've changed my stance.

"…Maria competed at the Australian Open whilst using a banned drug, and then deserves a suspension. The time of the suspension, that's not up to me. With everything that's gone on this year with meldonium, obviously there were going to be some issues with that, legally.

“…But, yeah, obviously it's done now. I've answered so many questions on it this year ... I don't feel like I need to keep talking about it."

Tomas Berdych

"Every single time I have to take something, I check many times with many different people.

"…At the end, you are the player, you are the athlete, and you are the one who's going to be tested. I always check whatever I take because I'm the one who will go for the control."

Marin Cilic

On his nine-month International Tennis Federation tribunal suspension, which was reduced to a four-month suspension by CAS: "I was not treated fairly at all. In my case, the system wasn't wrong. The people were wrong. That's behind me. It went to the CAS—it's quite fair, whatever they say, in most of their decisions. But it's tough to comment on these things because every case is different."

Grigor Dimitrov

On if she’ll have a successful comeback: "As a competitor she’s just going to come back, and she’s going to be so hungry to play, [so] excited and motivated.'

On potentially being made an example of by anti-doping authorities: "If you do something, I mean, obviously there are circumstances. And whoever does something deserves what he gets, for sure."

Richard Gasquet

On the length of her suspension and her comeback: "It's quite long ... Mentally and physically, it will be tough for her.

"…[Sharapova needs] to play enough, and of course it will be OK for her in the future … For every case it is different."

Gilles Muller

"Anyone who gives a positive test should get punished. Should they get a reduction? I don't think so, in general. It shows other sportsmen that ... the punishment is not going to be that big."