"Comedy is in a way a lot like tennis. You’re by yourself, you’re thinking through a lot of things. If you have a great gig you feel amazing, if you have a terrible gig it’s like taking a hard loss."

It's a hilarious episode of the podcast this week with comedian Elliot Loney. The Australian unleashes some of his best impersonations, which include Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Jim Courier.


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Loney grew up playing tennis and even chased the pro dream before a skateboarding accident ruined his shoulder. He got into comedy quite naturally, starting with prank calls to his friends and breaking through with his Bear Grylls video "Man vs Metro 1".

PODCAST: Comedian Elliot Loney on impersonating tennis stars

PODCAST: Comedian Elliot Loney on impersonating tennis stars

Elliot Loney on set as Rafael Nadal at the Australian Open.

He puts a personalized spin on each impersonation, which is why he wears a sideways hat for Kyrgios and adds poetry to his Nadal skits. He's even met Nadal, quite memorably at the Rogers Cup one year.

His YouTube channel boasts a lot of his best work, including a recently launched podcast. He shares how he became friends with Thanasi Kokkinakis and Kyrgios, what the secret to a good impersonation is, and how tennis' ups and downs are similar to comedy.

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