In this new Q&A series, will check in with players stationed all around the world while hanging tight during the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, Matthew Ebden shares what he’s been up to at home in Perth, Australia.

Describe a day in the quarantine life where you are currently based.

I feel very happy and blessed to be here at this time, there is nowhere else I would rather be. We have quite a few restrictions, but we are not on a severe lockdown. Restaurants, cafes, gyms and some shops are closed, however you can still get takeaway food and coffee. Some department stores and still open and grocery stores as well.

Do you have access to a tennis court? If not, what are you doing to stay sharp?

Yes, our courts are open. I'm still able to practice as its restricted to two per court whilst observing social distancing.

I have a home gym setup; however I am also running and cycling often down by the beach. I find it great being able to get my fitness and exercise outdoors. It’s autumn here now and last week every day was over 30 degrees Celsius, which is great.

How often do you stay connected with your team and who oversees your at-home workout program?

Daily. My physical trainers as well as my own personal knowledge I've gathered from all my past physical trainers and programs.

Quarantine Q&A: Matt Ebden maximizing Perth for all it's worth

Quarantine Q&A: Matt Ebden maximizing Perth for all it's worth


Matt Ebden

When it comes to rest, are you treating each week like you're at a tournament, or do you allow yourself to sleep in (or stay up) late when desired?

No, I don't treat it like a tournament. A four-and-a-half-month suspension of the ATP Tour is a long time. I think it’s important to keep good balance between training and regular life right now. I don't usually sleep in too much anymore. I get up at a reasonable time for training or for whatever else I have to do.

If the entire season is cancelled, will you pursue other avenues to earn a living while competition is on a hiatus?

I already have other business interests and investments in place that occupy some of my time outside of the tennis tour. I am not sure what the current ATP stance is on providing monetary support for players through this time. I also see it as an opportunity to pursue some other interests with the extra time at home.

What are some unexpected activities that have managed to keep you occupied?

Boating. I find waterskiing a great physical workout for the legs and shoulders. I have started cycling a lot and really enjoy it. I’m using it to get my fitness and physical sessions but being outdoors and going somewhere is fun. Some home DIY jobs are always enjoyable too. It’s something I've never really had time to do much in my life so far.

Nutrition plays an important role in athlete’s daily life. How much are you cooking versus relying on others, like family, or utilizing delivery services?

I don't cook all that much. I often cook breakfasts or brunch, or barbeque. I'm not really a gourmet cook or baker too much. I leave that to my wife, mother, and sisters.

Quarantine Q&A: Matt Ebden maximizing Perth for all it's worth

Quarantine Q&A: Matt Ebden maximizing Perth for all it's worth