Rafael Nadal, playing his first event since Carlos Moya joined his coaching team, says the addition has slightly changed his training regimen.

According to Nadal, his new coach has not suggested any big adjustments to his game.

"Moya has clarity about my playing style," Nadal told El Espanol. "We have played each other a few times and practiced together tons of times.

"Moya has come with some new exercises. Since Carlos has arrived, we are doing less and doing more specific things."

The former world No. 1, who was previously on No. 3 Milos Raonic’s team, said that is part of the way he likes to coach.

"I believe a lot in specifics training," Moya told El Espanol during the same interview. "It's something I used with Raonic, and adapting a lot of those exercises to Nadal is important because they are completely distinct players."

Rather than just hitting in practice, Moya appears to be adding drills and plays.

"We want to focus a lot on the repetition of what you have to do in matches,” the 1998 French Open champion said.

Nadal is No. 9 in the rankings.