Court Report: Rafael Nadal retires at the US Open with a knee injury


NEW YORK—Rafael Nadal's knee injury should not require a long layoff, with the Spaniard saying he has experienced similar problems several times during his career.

Nadal retired down two sets in his semifinal against Juan Martin del Potro at the US Open, calling the trainer and getting his knee taped twice during the match.

Though he had also experienced problems during his third-round match, Nadal said the knee had improved until around 2-2 in the first set against del Potro, when a movement produced sharp pain.

Speaking to press following the semifinal, Nadal appeared confident that it was no different from his usual tendinitis problems.

"I know what I have. Similar thing than always. Just about do treatment," he said. "But the good thing is I know [what to do] to be better as soon as possible, because we have a lot of experience on that.

"Is not an injury like when you break something, something like this. It is an injury that is a tendinitis. Then is a decision about yourself, if you want feel almost nothing or you want to keep going with pain."

Rafael Nadal says knee injury is nothing new, but unsure of severity

Rafael Nadal says knee injury is nothing new, but unsure of severity

Photo by Anita Aguilar

But Nadal could not tell when it would stop bothering him.

"Is not an injury that tells you three weeks off and you are back," he said. "Is not an injury that tells you six months off, you are back. Is maybe an injury that in one week you feel better, is an injury that maybe in six months you don't feel better."

It is the second time Nadal has retired during a Slam this season, having also stopped in the fifth set against Marin Cilic at the Australian Open with an upper leg injury. Yet he won another French Open title and is still ranked No. 1, defying suggestions that he would not have a long career because of his physical style of play.

"I know the things are going the right way. I am playing well. I am enjoying on court. I am having a lot of success," Nadal told journalists. " I am very competitive at the age of 32. Lot of people in this room, including myself, never will think that at the age of 32 I will be here fighting for titles, fighting for the first positions of the rankings."

Nadal is next scheduled to play for Spain in the Davis Cup semifinals on Sept. 14.


Rafael Nadal says knee injury is nothing new, but unsure of severity

Rafael Nadal says knee injury is nothing new, but unsure of severity

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