Known for keeping a tight rein on his own emotions, Milos Raonic told press at Queen's Club that the famously temperamental John McEnroe has already influenced his reactions on court as his coach.

"It's hard to sort of put a measure on it, but he's definitely helped me with my game and he's actually definitely helped me with the way I have sort of approached things and probably been a bit more positive and energetic on the court," the seventh-ranked Raonic said. "He's tried to make sure that I show my presence out there."

The 24-year-old Canadian, who is working with McEnroe as a consultant through Wimbledon, said they were not making changes to his strokes.

"I think he's mentioned a few technical things, he had for himself that necessarily when he wasn't volleying his best or ways that he would get his game back. He's mentioned those things.  But I don't think there has been a single moment that he's told me, ‘You have to change this on how you take back the racquet and that kind of stuff.’”

But Raonic is using the seven-time Grand Slam champion's experience in big matches. "He's definitely helped me on the tactical side, how I play specific points, how to use a score a bit better. But I think the biggest thing is how I can make the other guy feel," he said. "Not only looking at myself but also sometimes taking a glance to the other side of the net."